Kritische Stadtgeographie und geographische Bildung: Forschendes Lernen zum Recht auf Stadt am Beispiel der Dresdner "Straßenbahn-Streichler"

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This paper combines approaches of critical urban theory with geography education. It uses the debate on the “Right to the City” within critical urban geography, theoretical considerations on transformative and research-based learning in geography education and the example of the “Schiefe Ecke” in the Dresden neighbourhood “Äußere Neustadt”. “Schiefe Ecke” is a public space which is widely used by young people in the evening and night hours, meeting and drinking there and sometimes even “cuddling” the by-passing tram. This use of public spaces leads to various conflicts. We propose that the “Right to the City” allows not only an analysis of these conflicts but also a connection between concepts of critical urban geography and the practise of geography education in schools. Therefore, we present a draft for a teaching unit on the “Right to the City” at the “Schiefe Ecke”.


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