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Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology

Organisational unit: Institute

Organisation profile

Research focus

  • Material systems for future-oriented mulit-material design
  • Understanding of materials for the development of lightweight structures, systems and processes
  • Design and calculation methods for lightweight system engineering in multi-material design
  • Virtual development of lightweight materials, structures and systems as well as the associated processes along the entire value chain
  • Cross-material methods and technologies for closed recycling loops
  • Function-integrative lightweight structures with sensor and actuator properties
  • Destructive and non-destructive characterization of materials, components and systems to experimentally support the development of future materials
  • Resource-efficient, self-adapting processing methods

Expert groups

  • Lightweight design
  • Calculation methods and simulation
  • Thermoplastic processing
  • Thermoset processing and preforming
  • Joining technologies
  • Testing methods and material models
  • Function integration
  • Novel materials and special processes
  • Neutral lightweight engineering

Cooperation and services

Consulting services:

Development of load-adapted lightweight structures

The ILK supports industrial partners in solving problems, especially in the field of modern lightweight structural design with high-performance materials.
Scientific consulting services include expert opinions, feasibility studies, calculations and prototype development. For this purpose, comprehensive material and component tests can be carried out at the ILK, even at short notice.

Continuing education:

Lightweight engineering and polymer technology (lectures, workshops, seminars)

In line with the institute's profile, fundamental and current scientific topics in the field of lightweight engineering and polymer technology are covered across materials and products, and are also presented by expert staff using application-specific case studies.
The ILK's events address the different needs of function holders at all hierarchical levels. The spectrum ranges from intensive training courses on specialist individual problems of small startups to overview events for the top management of large companies and other institutions, in which future-oriented trends and sustainable development strategies are highlighted.


Type of address: Visiting Adress.
Holbeinstraße 3
DÜR, Erdg. Raum 73
Type of address: Postal address.
Holbeinstraße 3
  • Phone: +49 351 463-37915
  • Fax: +49 351 463-38143

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