Enhanced Electrical Properties of Optimized Vertical Graphene-Base Hot Electron Transistors

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The arrival of high-mobility two-dimensional materials like graphene leads to the renaissance of former vertical semiconductor-metal-semiconductor (SMS) hot electron transistors. Because of the monolayer thickness of graphene, improved SMS transistors with a semimetallic graphene-base electrode are now feasible for high-frequency applications. In this study we report about a device that consists of amorphous silicon, graphene, and crystalline silicon. For the first time, this device is fabricated by a four-mask lithography process which leads to significant improvements in the device performance. A strongly increased common-emitter current gain of 2% could be achieved while the on-off ratio improved to 1.6 × 105, which is already higher than predicted theoretically. This could be mainly attributed to better interface characteristics and decreased lateral dimensions of the devices. A cutoff frequency of approximately 26 MHz could be forecasted based on the DC measurements of the device.


Seiten (von - bis)1670–1675
FachzeitschriftACS applied electronic materials
PublikationsstatusAngenommen/Im Druck - 2022



  • amorphous silicon, graphene, heterojunction, high frequency, hot electron transistor, transistor, VHF-PECVD