Digital Skills in Education: Evaluating a media-didactic online Teacher Training including a Virtual Learning Community.

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This paper is devoted to the results and outcomes of the evaluation of an online media-didactic teacher training. The training consists of self-paced asynchronous modules for independent learning about how to use digital media for teaching and an online community for exchange and peer review among German teachers. The aim of this training is to further develop teachers’ digital skills, which are nowadays required for integrating digital media not only into the preparation of teaching material, but also into the lesson itself and into daily teaching methods. The training has been developed based on specific media-didactic quality indicators, which have been identified and analysed through a literature analysis. The overall training’s effectiveness seems to depend on factors like the practical relevance of the training content for the participants, their prior experience with online media-didactic trainings, the overall acceptance of online learning, the user experience and communication and feedback of participants. During the pilot testing of the final media-didactic online teacher training, the effectiveness of the training has been evaluated by interviewing some of the participants after they have completed the training. The results of this evaluation, with focus on the usage, the training assessment, and the effects of the online training, will be further presented and discussed in this paper. Overall, the research question "What influences the acquisition of digital competencies that teachers strive for during online media didactic teacher training?" is answered by conducting a three-level training evaluation that contributes to the assessment of knowledge acquisition and ensures the implementation of this knowledge in daily teaching scenarios, resulting in comprehensive learning and training success.


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TitelInnovating Higher Education 2022
UntertitelDigital Reset: European Universities Transforming for a Changing World
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Dauer19 - 21 Oktober 2022
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