Attitudes and Perceptions of Teaching Staff About the Online Learning During the COVID19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Engineering Education

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The general objective of the present research is to know the perceptions and evaluations that academic teaching staff from a engineering faculty have about the emergency online teaching-learning process that occurred in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic. Based on several previous works related to online learning (OL) and recently in the literature on emergency online learning (EOL), an instrument (questionnaire) was developed and implemented with the participation of 126 teachers from a Chilean university. The research is quantitative-descriptive and had the following specific objectives: (1) To know about the disposition (readiness) of the teaching staff towards the EOL, (2) To know about the their interactions with others during EOL, (3) To characterize the use of different Self-management skills during EOL, (4) To characterize the interaction with LMS and ICTs., and (5) To know about the available resources for EOL. In general, the results show that teaching staff show mastery in aspects related to self-management of learning, but a low level of motivation and readiness for EOL and a "loss" in aspects related to interaction with others (students and peers). These results provide a first approximation to university teachers ' perceptions of EOL and allow us to identify several aspects that should be improved. This research was financially supported by DAAD as part of the project Praxispartnerschaften zwischen Hochschulen und Unternehmen in Deutschland und in Entwicklungsländern ab 2017 (Project Nr. 57334905).


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Fachzeitschrift International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy : iJEP
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  • emergency online learning, university online teaching-learning, online learning during COVID19 pandemic