Wissenskommunikation und Transfer für die Landschaftsentwicklung. Eine Analyse im Forschungsnetzwerk „Nachhaltiges Landmanagement“

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Communication is a fundamental prerequisite for transfer of processes, but not sufficient to sustainably implement knowledge in the society (Johnson und Chang, Journal of Business Communication, 37(3), 238–263, 2000). Only if processes of learning are added, relevant knowledge can be converted into actions and will become effective (Larsen-Freeman, Language learning. Supplement, 63, 2013). The aim is to investigate the effects of the initiation of research networks as a novel form of organizational intervention, thereby transfer and implementation strategies from the perspective of Knowledge Communication, respectively of knowledge management to work out. As a research question is examined, how actors of network projects design processes of transfer and implementation of knowledge in their project network. For the empirical investigation qualitative data is systematically obtained from interviews with coordinators of joint projects and associated practice players of a single domain and evaluated. The findings emphasize (1) the equality of knowledge communication and organization of joint learning experiences, moreover, have an (2) across projects similar conceptual understanding of transfer and (3) consider similar media scenarios as appropriate. Marginally also (4) processes of communication and learning receive attention‒which are used as operationalization of transfer and implementation in the studied networks.

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Knowledge communication and transfer for the landscape development. An analysis of the research network “Sustainable Land Management”


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JournalGruppendynamik und Organisationsberatung
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2015


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  • Communication, Knowledge management, Land use change, Network organization

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