The Cracking and Tensile-Load-Bearing Behaviour of Concrete Reinforced with Sanded Carbon Grids

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This article presents the cracking and load-bearing behaviour of carbon-reinforced prismatic concrete tensile specimens. Grids with different geometries and impregnations were used as carbon reinforcement. In addition, the roving surfaces were partially coated with a fine sand to improve the bond between concrete and reinforcement. The article shows the influence of the different parameters on the developing cracks with respect to their width and spacing from each other. The material properties and tensile strengths of carbon concrete are also presented. These can be used for calculations. A fine-grained, commercially available shotcrete was used for the investigations. Based on the tests and results described in this article, an influence of the sanded carbon grids on the crack properties (crack widths, crack spacing) could be shown in comparison to unsanded carbon grids.


Original languageEnglish
Article number2652
Number of pages15
Journal Buildings : open access journal
Volume13 (2023)
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 21 Oct 2023

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  • CUBE, carbon, carbon reinforced concrete (CRC), crack width, fine grained concrete, grid, load-bearing behaviour, sanding, surface modification, tensile test, textile

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