Quantum-sized silicon precipitates in silicon-implanted and pulse-annealed silicon dioxide films: Photoluminescence and structural transformations

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  • IE Tyschenko - (Author)
  • GA Kachurin - (Author)
  • KS Zhuravlev - (Author)
  • NA Pazdnikov - (Author)
  • VA Volodin - (Author)
  • AK Gutakovsky - (Author)
  • AF Leier - (Author)
  • H Frob - , Chair of Opto-Electronics (Author)
  • K Leo - , Chair of Opto-Electronics (Author)
  • T Bohme - (Author)
  • L Rebohle - (Author)
  • RA Yankov - (Author)
  • W Skorupa - (Author)


Strong blue, red and near-infrared photoluminescence has been observed from Si+-implanted and pulse-annealed SiO2 layers. Raman scattering and high-resolution electron microscopy analyses have revealed a correlation between the structure of the Si inclusions in the SiO2 matrix and the photoluminescence. Structural transformations in the Si-rich SiO2 layers during pulse and furnace annealing have been discussed in terms of the changes in the light emission observed experimentally. Small Si clusters, non-crystalline inclusions and nanocrystals are believed to be the light sources. The blue, red and near-infrared photoluminescence is associated with small complexes of excess Si atoms, non-crystalline Si nanoinclusions and quantum-confined Si nanocrystals, respectively.


Original languageGerman
Title of host publicationSymposium on Materials Modification and Synthesis by Ion Beam Processing, at the 1996 MRS Fall Meeting
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 1997

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