Influence of temperature and dose rate of e‐beam modification on electron‐induced changes in polyacrylonitrile fibers

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The present study investigates the influence of modification temperature and the dose rate of electron modification on the progress of these and the three important thermal induced reactions namely: cyclization, dehydrogenation and oxidation. Since electron induced chemical reactions strongly depend on the polymer chain segment mobility, temperatures below the glass transition temperature (Tg) and above Tg were tested. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (EPR) measurements showed the presence of alkyl-, peroxy- and polyimineradicals alongside each other. Gel measurements identified a temperature dependent crosslinking behavior at doses ≤ 150 kGy, but no dose rate depending on crosslinking. Changes in chemical structure were investigated using FT-IR, showing a dependency of stabilization behavior depending on dose and temperate more than on dose rate. TGA and DSC measurements complete the analyses by describing the behavior during further thermal treatments and measuring the residual mass at 800 ° C


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JournalMacromolecular chemistry and physics : MCP
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Early online date13 Dec 2022
Publication statusPublished - 10 Jan 2023

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  • Irradiation, Polyacrylonitrile, carbon fiber precursor, gel content, crystallinity, residual mass, carbon fiber precursors, irradiation, polyacrylonitrile, Residual mass, Gel content, Carbon fiber precursors, Crystallinity