Improved Tensile and Bond Properties through Novel Rod Constructions Based on the Braiding Technique for Non-Metallic Concrete Reinforcements

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Textile reinforcements have established themselves as a convincing alternative to conventional steel reinforcements in the building industry. In contrast to ribbed steel bars that ensure a stable mechanical interlock with concrete (form fit), the bonding force of smooth carbon rovings has so far been transmitted primarily by an adhesive bonding with the concrete matrix (material fit). However, this material fit does not enable the efficient use of the mechanical load capacity of the textile reinforcement. Solutions involving surface-profiled rods promise significant improvements in the bonding behavior by creating an additional mechanical interlock with the concrete matrix. An initial analysis was carried out to determine the effect of a braided rod geometry on the bonding behavior. For this purpose, novel braided rods with defined surface profiling consisting of several carbon filament yarns were developed and characterized in their tensile and bond properties. Further fundamental examinations to determine the influence of the impregnation as well as the application of a pre-tension during its consolidation in order to minimize the rod elongation under load were carried out. The investigations showed a high potential of the impregnated surface-profiled braided rods for a highly efficient application in concrete reinforcements. Hereby, a complete impregnation of the rod with a stiff polymer improved the tensile and bonding properties significantly. Compared to unprofiled reinforcement structures, the specific bonding stress could be increased up to 500% due to the strong form-fit effect of the braided rods while maintaining the high tensile properties.


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Publication statusPublished - 20 Mar 2023

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  • bond behavior, bond test, braided rods, carbon-reinforced concrete, non-metallic reinforcement, profiled roving, tensile test, Profiled roving, Tensile test, Bond behavior, Braided rods, Non-metallic reinforcement, Carbon-reinforced concrete, Bond test