Die Bedeutung spezifischer studienbedingter Anforderungen und Ressourcen für die Gesundheit und Lebenszufriedenheit von Studierenden

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Background Studies report an association between study conditions and student health outcomes. The aim was to investigate the influence of specific study-related demands and resources on self-assessed health. Method Students of the Technical University of Dresden were surveyed online about their health and their studies. Referring to the Study Demands-Resources Model descriptive and regression analytic methods were applied. Results 1,312 students were included in the analyses. About one-fifth of participants reported low life satisfaction and high exhaustion. Time and cognitive demands were associated with poorer health, social support and time margin in studies were linked to better health. This relationship was particularly evident with a combination of high demands and low resources. Conclusion The results provide approaches for preventive measures to strengthen the health of students.

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The Role of Specific Study-Related Demands and Resources to Student Health and Life Satisfaction


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JournalPsychiatrische Praxis
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