Curriculum Kardiologie: 2., aktualisierte Auflage

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  • K. Werdan - , Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, DKG - Academy (Author)
  • St Baldus - , University of Cologne, German Society for Cardiology – Heart and Circulation Research (DGK) (Author)
  • J. Bauersachs - , Hannover Medical School (MHH), Kommission für Klinische Kardiovaskuläre Medizin (Author)
  • H. Baumgartner - , DKG - Academy, University of Münster (Author)
  • C. M. Bongarth - , DKG - Academy, Klinik Höhenried gGmbH (Author)
  • M. Buerke - , DKG - Academy, Marien-Hospital Siegen (Author)
  • R. Dörr - , DKG - Academy, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden (Author)
  • D. Duncker - , DKG - Academy, Hannover Medical School (MHH) (Author)
  • L. Eckardt - , DKG - Academy, University of Münster (Author)
  • A. El-Armouche - , Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, DKG - Academy (Author)
  • A. Elsässer - , DKG - Academy, University of Oldenburg (Author)
  • A. Fach - , DKG - Academy, Agaplesion Markus Hospital Frankfurt (Author)
  • F. A. Flachskampf - , DKG - Academy, Uppsala University (Author)
  • M. Gabelmann - , DKG - Academy, Kardiologie Dreisamtal (Author)
  • R. Griebenow - , DKG - Academy, Praxis Rheingalerie (Author)
  • S. Heinemann-Meerz - , DKG - Academy, Gemeinschaftspraxis Kardiologie/Angiologie (Author)
  • H. M. Hoffmeister - , DKG - Academy, Städtisches Klinikum Solingen (Author)
  • H. A. Katus - , German Society for Cardiology – Heart and Circulation Research (DGK), Heidelberg University  (Author)
  • N. Kaul - , DKG - Academy, Gemeinschafsklinikum Mittelrhein Standort Evang. Stift (Author)
  • L. I. Krämer - , DKG - Academy, Cologne City Clinics (Author)
  • B. Kuhn - , DKG - Academy, Internistisch-kardiologische Gemeinschaftspraxis (Author)
  • T. Lange - , DKG - Academy, University of Regensburg (Author)
  • L. H. Lehmann - , DKG - Academy, Heidelberg University  (Author)
  • P. Lugenbiel - , DKG - Academy, Heidelberg University  (Author)
  • G. Michels - , DKG - Academy, RWTH Aachen University (Author)
  • U. Müller-Werdan - , DKG - Academy, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Author)
  • O. Oldenburg - , DKG - Academy, Clemenshospital Münster (Author)
  • H. Rittger - , DKG - Academy, Klinikum Fürth (Author)
  • W. Rottbauer - , DKG - Academy, Ulm University (Author)
  • K. Rybak - , DKG - Academy, Kardiologische Praxis (Author)
  • S. Sack - , DKG - Academy, Munich Municipal Hospital Bogenhausen (Author)
  • C. E. Skobel - , DKG - Academy, MVZ Ambulantes Aachener Zentrum für Lungenheilkunde (Author)
  • N. Smetak - , DKG - Academy, Praxis für Kardiologie und Angiologie (Author)
  • H. Thiele - , DKG - Academy, Leipzig University (Author)
  • C. Tiefenbacher - , DKG - Academy, Marienhospital Wesel (Author)
  • K. Tiemann - , DKG - Academy, Peter Osypka Herzzentrum - Internal Medicine München Süd (Author)
  • W. Voelker - , DKG - Academy, University of Würzburg (Author)
  • A. Zeiher - , German Society for Cardiology – Heart and Circulation Research (DGK), University Hospital Frankfurt (Author)
  • N. Frey - , DKG - Academy, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Campus Kiel (Author)


The updated second edition of the “Curriculum cardiology”, first edition 2013, aims to show which competences a cardiologist should nowadays master. It is very pleasing that in this second edition representatives of the Young German Cardiac Society (Young DGK) have contributed as authors. The increasing specialization within cardiology should, however, only represent one side of the coin: there must also still be a common foundation of cardiology, embedded in the discipline “internal medicine”. This foundation includes the basis of theoretical knowledge, practical skills (competence levels I–III) and an occupational and professional attitude of the (prospective) cardiologist. New additions to the advanced training since the first edition of the curriculum in 2013 are, for example a chapter on digital cardiology, the further training in psychocardiology, which was newly introduced into the model further training regulations and finally also the explicit formulation of shared decision making in the interests of cardiac patients. The curriculum should give the prospective cardiologist the possibility to structure the further training as efficiently as possible and ultimately to retain and expand that which has been learned in the sense of a “professional lifelong” qualification. The curriculum also aims to reach the trainers and the Medical Councils and demonstrate which contents and skills should be mediated in the further training to become a cardiologist from the perspective of the German Cardiac Society (DGK).

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Curriculum cardiology
2nd updated edition


Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)505-536
Number of pages32
JournalDer Kardiologe : die Fortbildungszeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie, Herz- und Kreislaufforschung
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2020

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  • General cardiology, German Cardiac Society (DGK), German Medical Association (BÄK), Specialized educational program of the BÄK “Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging”, Specialized educational program of the BÄK “Treatment of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease”