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Chair of Business Information Systems, esp. Business Engineering (TT)

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Chair Holder: Prof. Dr. rer. pol. habil. Martin Stefan Toni Wiener

The Chair of Business Information Systems, esp. Business Engineering conducts research and offers courses on focal topic areas of business engineering in the context of the digital transformation of business and society. The research and teaching activities center around the question of how organizations can systemically design (and successfully manage) the digital transformation of their business models, business processes, and IT systems from a holistic perspective.

In terms of teaching activities, main topic areas include (digital) business engineering, data-driven business models, business process management, and the management of IT/software projects.

The Chair’s research concerns the control of IT projects and digital transformation programs, the analysis and design of IT-based approaches for the control of value-creation processes/networks (especially in the gig/sharing economy), as well as the design and introduction of data-driven business models (especially in the manufacturing industry). Methodologically, both empirical research methods (qualitative and quantitative) and design science-oriented approaches are used.


Helmholtzstr. 10
  • Phone: +49 351 463-34607

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