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IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

ISSNs: 0018-9464

Additional searchable ISSN (electronic): 1941-0069

IEEE, New York [u. a.]

Scopus rating (2022): CiteScore 4 SJR 0.664 SNIP 1.144


  • IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
  • IEEE transactions on magnetics
Additional searchable titlesAppl Supercond Conf, IEE TRANS. MAGN., IEE-Trans on Magnetics, IEEE Appl Magn Workshop on Magn Rec, IEEE Trans Magn, IEEE TRANS. MAGN., IEEE TRANS. ON MAGNET., INTERMAG (Int Magn) Conf, INTERMAG CONF, INTERMAG CONF, MAY 12-15 1981 P 2751-2753, INTERMAG CONF, MAY 12-15 1981 P 2988-2990, INTERMAG CONF, MAY 12-15 1981 P 2994-2996
Additional searchable ISSN (electronic)1941-0069
PublisherIEEE, New York [u. a.]

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