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Research and Innovation in sustainable lightweight technology for e-mobility

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19 Oct 2023


In an era marked by planetary stress, with six of nine environmental boundaries already crossed, the importance of sustainable mobility solutions has never been greater. The mobility sector remains a principal contributor to environmental degradation, necessitating urgent action and innovation. Germany has been at the forefront of implementing strategies for sustainable mobility, serving as a model for global initiatives. TU Dresden's Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) serves as a crucial nexus between academia and industry in advancing and implementing these strategies into real world applications. Through extensive academic and industry collaborations, the ILK aims to develop products with net zero environmental impacts under the banner of neutral lightweight engineering. A cornerstone initiative in this context is project DigiTain, dedicated to the fully digital development of sustainable e-drive architectures for the future. This project embodies a commitment to enhancing sustainability by minimizing resource usage and incorporating circular models and technologies, as well es digital methods and models starting from the early phases of product development. Central to the ILKs research topics are the adoption of hybrid technology and functional integration into battery systems and e-axles. By synergizing interdisciplinary expertise and technology, ILK and its partners are not just contributing to the transition towards sustainable mobility but are also fostering greater resilience for the planet.

Trade fair

Title2023 Daegu International Future Auto & Mobility Expo
Duration19 - 21 October 2023
CountryKorea, Republic of