Self-directed and Collaborative Learning in an Advanced Training Context: Conception and Implementation of an Innovative Online Teacher Qualification Program

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The paper details the development and implementation of an online training course for teachers that combines self-directed and collaborative learning. It describes how the multi-stage development process was designed in a scientifically sound manner.
The focus of the chapter lies on the conception and implementation of the advanced training program which consists of two elements: self-paced asynchronous modules for independent learning and an online community for exchange, discussion and peer review among German teachers. This involves an in-depth look at the underlying competence framework for media education and its development as a basis for creating the content of the modules of which the training program consists.
The goal of the training is the further development of both the media pedagogical competence of the participating teachers and their ability to use digital media in the classroom in a didactically purposive manner.


TitelLearning in the Age of Digital and Green Transition
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 22 März 2023

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