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Philipp Witkabel Master of Science



2015 - 2019: Bachelor`s degree: "International studies environmental engineering" (ISU) at HS Bremen. Bachelor thesis: "Leak detection of large diameter flushing pipes - A comparison of applicable methods using the example of the flushing pipes of the integrated dredged material disposal Bremen - Seehausen"

2017 - 2018: Study abroad: "Environmental Engineering" at Università degli Studi di Padova

2019 - 2022: Master`s degree "Waste management and contaminated sites" at TU Dresden. Master thesis: "Cultivation of electro active microbioms for the anaerobic digestion of nitrogenous substrates"

Research interests

since 03/2022: Research in the field of anaerobic waste treatment

  • Direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET)
  • Microbial electrolysis cells (MEC)
  • anaerobic digestion of nitrogenous substrates
  • Power2Gas - technologies
  • Co - methanation of H2
  • microbiom manipulation
  • wastewater treatment
  • Anammox

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