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Dr. rer. nat. Martin Zwanzig



From plasmids to trees, I am interested in the evolution of ecological interactions and how adaptive behaviour affects communities. Besides statistical approaches, I'm particularly interested in the design, development and analysis of individual-based models to investigate such systems.

Research interests

  • Fundamentals of individual-based ecology and modelling
  • Influence of diversity and plasticity, in particular physiological properties, on the dynamics and resilience of ecological systems

    • Forests, trees, shrubs under climate change / drought stress

    • Plasmid communities and antibiotic resistance

  • Interaction of water utilisation, water storage and growth in trees

  • Reforestation for the development of multifunctional forests

  • Eco-evolutionary dynamics of networks of root-grown trees

  • Enzyme kinetics for deadwood decomposition by fungi

Identification Numbers

ORCID Orcid 0000-0003-1866-6743
Scopus author ID 57205466770

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