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Elif Ünsal Master of Science


Research interests

Elif studied physics at the Middle East Technical University. Her senior project, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Hande Toffoli, was on investigation of the structural and electronic properties of two- dimensional materials via density functional theory (DFT). She got her master’s degree in physics at İzmir Institute of Technology. During her master’s, she worked with Prof. Dr. Hâldun Sevinçli and Prof. Dr. Ramazan Tuğrul Senger on mechanical, vibrational and thermoelectric properties of low dimensional materials. Her master’s thesis was on the enhancement of the thermoelectric properties of the materials by nanostructuring. In September 2020, she joined the chair of Prof. Cuniberti in Dresden. Under the supervision of Dr. rer. nat. Rafael Gutierrez, she works on the modelling of the transport properties of two-dimensional materials using first-principles approaches.

Identification Numbers

ORCID Orcid 0000-0001-6419-384X
Scopus author ID 57213380900

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