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Dr.-Ing. Adrian Ehrenhofer



Dr.-Ing. Adrian Ehrenhofer graduated from Technische Universität Dresden in 2014 and started his PhD thesis with the main focus on modeling and simulation of smart materials. He worked on the description of Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC) and permeation through biological membranes using the coupled multi-field approach. In his PhD thesis, he developed an analogy description called Temperature-Expansion-Model for the swelling behavior of active hydrogels. The model was applied for active hydrogel-layered polymeric membranes which are used for microfluidic cell-sorting. He defended his PhD thesis in 2018 and worked as a Post-Doc in the field of smart material modeling for chemo-physical intelligence at Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. Since 2021, he is the Research Group Leader of the Materials Informatics Group at the Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials (DCIM). His current research focus is on the continuum-based and data-driven description Soft-Hard Active-Passive Embedded Structures. He also works as a freelance media creator for tutorial videos in Engineering Mechanics.

Identification Numbers

ORCID Orcid 0000-0002-2370-8381
Researcher ID 4202905
Scopus author ID 57188759919

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