Zyklische Verbundversuche mit Carbonbeton: Ein Vergleich verschiedener Versuchsaufbauten

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The material behavior of carbon reinforced concrete understatic loading has been investigated for considerable time. Thatunder cyclic loading however has still to be examined. For thatsuitable test setups have to be available. For the determinationof the bond behavior of carbon reinforced concrete under cyclic loading two test setups – the end anchorage and the double sided pullout test, which have already been investigated instatic tests – were proved and compared. Therefor static reference tests and cyclic tests under different loads were carriedout. The results were analyzed in different categories for comparison, such as failure mechanisms, development of deformations and stiffness, and number of cycles to failure. Furthermore, the scattering of the test results was considered. Afterthe discussion of the test results the double sided pullout testwill be named more suitable.
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ond tests on carbon reinforced concrete under cyclic loading
Comparison of different test setups


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JournalBeton- und Stahlbetonbau
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Publication statusPublished - 2018

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  • Carbonbeton, Textilbeton, Ermüdung, Verbund, Versuchsaufbau, carbon reinforced concrete, textile reinforced concrete, fatigue, bond behavior, test setup