Zur Notwendigkeit von Stabilitätsbetrachtungen von Umrichterinteraktionen bei der Sicherheitsbewertung in Verteilnetzen

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One of the foundations of a resilient power system is a reliable grid security assessment. Hereby, the distance of an actual grid operating point to the limits of the safe operating area surrounding can be improved by optimizing reactive power operating points. However, when choosing a voltage-dependent reactive power provision, the so-called 𝑄(𝑈)-control, converter interactions of decentralized energy resources have to be considered. This paper is devoted to
the evaluation of 𝑄(𝑈)-characteristics with respect to variablegrid topologies (𝑁-1) and operating cases. In the first part, a stability criterion from preliminary work is visited, which based on a discrete-time model of 𝑄(𝑈)-control, to assess how slopes and filter time constants of the individual energy resources can be chosen. The method is extended to consider relevant grid states resulting from the combination of topology perturbations and operating cases. The second part of the paper deals with the application of the criterion considering these versatile grid states. Strategies for selecting a sufficient number of relevant grid states are discussed. The filter constant of a plant control system is then introduced as an evaluation variable and grid states are compared on the basis of it. Finally, the application to benchmark grids of the medium and high voltage level is discussed.
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On the Need for Converter-Driven Stability Assessment as Part of the Steady-State Security Assessment in Power Distribution Systems


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  • Netzsicherheitsbewertung, Spannungsstabilität, Verteilnetz, Dezentrale Energieanlagen, Stabilitätskriterium, Power system security, Voltage Stability, Power distribution networks, Energy Resources, Stability Criteria