Wirtschaftlichkeitsuntersuchungen an Bauweisen mit Betondecke der Belastungsklasse BK 100

Research output: Preprint/documentation/reportProject report (Final and progress reports)


  • Wolfram Ressel - , University of Stuttgart (Author)
  • Frohmut Wellner - , Chair of Pavement Engineering (Author)
  • Christopher Engel - , University of Stuttgart (Author)
  • Pasquale Ferraro - , University of Stuttgart (Author)
  • Stefan Alber - , University of Stuttgart (Author)
  • Harald Garrecht - , University of Stuttgart (Author)
  • Oliver Mielich - , University of Stuttgart (Author)
  • Erik Kamratowsky - , Chair of Pavement Engineering, GWT-TUD GmbH (Author)
  • Juliane Kraft - , GWT-TUD GmbH (Author)


Economic efficiency of road maintenance is an important topic in science and practice. Especially maintenance programs and their technical and economic efficiency is an important aspect.
A decisive parameter for systematic road maintenance is the possibility of prediction of deterioration processes, which depends on basic material or pavement properties (e.g. deformation, fatigue).
That is why established methods for useful life determination (based on fatigue considerations) and de-terioration processes (rutting) of asphalt pavements were applied for exemplary road sections. Further-more alternative scenarios were considered.
In terms of concrete pavement sections exiting methods were checked towards applicability for the de-termination of useful life. Newly developed methods (hazard functions) were applied exemplarily.
In case of an ASR deterioration of concrete pavements a systematic maintenance planning is impossible so far because the prediction of deterioration is hardly possible. Therefore different material tests (de-structive (non-destructive) were applied at ASR affected pavements. The determination of remaining use-ful life is not possible with that results anyway. That is why an empirical method using road condition da-ta (ZEB data) was developed.
Based on the described approaches of useful life prediction and other deterioration parameters, com-parative economic studies under consideration of different assumptions and scenarios were implement-ed in a simulative way using the software LCD2.
Translated title of the contribution
Economic feasibility study of construction methods with concrete pavement of load class Bk100


Original languageGerman
Number of pages404
Publication statusPublished - 2020
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  • Wirtschaftlichkeit Straßenbau, Betondecken, Asphalt