Welchen Weg nimmt die „Straße der Zukunft“? – Digitalisierung der Straße im Sonderforschungsbereich/Transregio 339 „Digitaler Zwilling Straße“

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The mobility of people and goods is a central basis of our modern society as well as for an efficient economy. Mobility in the field of road transport in its current form is faced with enormous challenges on a global level (durability, safety, efficiency, ecology, costs, automation etc.). In the Transregional Collaborative Research Center 339, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) since January 2022, several institutes from the research fields of civil engineering, informatics and social sciences of the TU Dresden and the RWTH Aachen collaboratively investigate a spatially and temporally multi-dimensional, digital/virtual image (reality model in space and time) of vehicle, tires and road. The reality model is characterized by the intelligent linking of all relevant information about the “Road of the Future” system, including physical material investigations, numerical simulations as well as informational and traffic data (sensor data, data models etc.).

Translated title of the contribution
Which route takes the “Road of the Future”? – Digitalization of the road within the Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 339 „Digital Twin of the Road System“


Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)29-37
Number of pages9
Issue number97(1-2)
Publication statusPublished - 2022