Thin Concrete Overlays with CarbonReinforcement

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In many countries like Germany, concrete pavements are normally built as Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements (JPCP). Due to a lack of alternatives, maintenance of concrete pavements usually requires areplacement of the whole pavement structure, which is labour- and resource-intensive. Therefore, new techniques like the application of thin concrete overlays as a partial repair of deteriorated concrete pavements have been developed. As a major disadvantage of such overlays, the existing joints in the retained concrete bottom-layer have to be transferred in the overlay in order to avoid reflection cracking. When using non-corrosive carbon-textile reinforcement in such concrete overlays, cracks might be distributed more finely, enabling jointless repairs while keeping a thin repair layer. In addition, the bond behaviour between the retained concrete and the applied concrete overlay as well as between the concrete overlay and the textile reinforcement is crucial for a successful repair. In this paper, the basic principles and feasibility of such a repair method are examined. On the one hand, the decisive influencing variables and parameters such as bond behaviour between the concrete layers and the cracking behaviour of the overlay are pointed out and discussed. On the other hand, the evaluated laboratory tests carried out are presented. These include large-scale beams built with an overlay on top of a retained concrete layer, which were subjected to cyclic flexural stressand to a subsequent detailed investigation of the bond behaviour and durability. Furthermore, the crack formation in the overlay was determined by means of tensile and flexural tensile strength tests.


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Publication statusPublished - 31 Dec 2021


Title12th International Conference on Concrete Pavements
SubtitleMaking Waves with Durable, Resilient Concrete Pavements
Abbreviated title12th ICCP
Conference number12
Duration27 September - 1 October 2021
CountryUnited States of America

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  • Thin concrete overlays, Carbon reinforcement, Carbon reinforced concrete, Maintenance, JPCP, Thin concrete overlays, carbon reinforcement, carbon reinforced concrete, maintenance, JPCP