The Recycling of Carbon Components and the Reuse of Carbon Fibers for Concrete Reinforcements

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Carbon fiber reinforced plastics are increasingly used in all areas of industry. With the increasing number of components and semi-finished products, more and more new carbon fibers will be produced. This also generates a greater number of end-of-life components. These end-of-life components can currently only be fed back, to a limited extent, for reuse, thus leading to a non-optimal, closed-material cycle of the carbon fiber. This article provides an overview of the recycling of carbon components, their further processing and their reuse in reinforcement elements made of carbon fibers. In addition, first results from recycled single fibers and yarn tensile tests from recycled carbon fibers (rCF) are presented. By demonstrating the reuse of carbon fibers in the construction sector, there is the potential to effectively close the carbon cycle. The utilization of carbon reinforcements also enables the reduction of concrete consumption, as the minimum concrete cover required to protect the reinforcement from corrosion is no longer needed.


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JournalApplied Sciences : open access journal
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Publication statusPublished - 13 Jun 2023

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