The omnipresent prolongation of visual fixations: Saccades are inhibited by changes in situation and in subject's activity

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Presenting a distractor prolongs not only saccadic reaction times in paced tasks but also fixation durations in unpaced tasks. To investigate whether the effect of a distractor is a pure optomotor reflex, we used both visual and auditory distractors in an unpaced picture-viewing paradigm. Results show a distractor effect for both modalities. Analysis of data from previous studies showed similar effects, even in amodal shifts of attention. These findings challenge the hypothesis that the effect is modality-specific and suggest that the distractor effect may be another expression of the orienting reflex.


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JournalVision Research
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Publication statusPublished - 2001

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  • Auditory distractors, Distractor effect, Opotomotor reflex, Saccade inhibition, Saccade latency, Visual distractors