Statistical analysis of effective crack properties by microstructure reconstruction and phase-field modeling

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Understanding the relation between the microstructure and the material’s effective behavior is an important aspect in inverse computational materials engineering. Especially in the context of localized, inelastic phenomena like plasticity and crack growth, the microstructure morphology plays a crucial role. Due to the stochastic nature of heterogeneous media, a statistical analysis over multiple simulations is necessary, since even with the same material, the simulated crack paths and effective crack lengths are highly dependent on the specific locations of microstructural features. A relevant factor that limits this type of investigation is the high cost of real microstructure data. This work presents a digital workflow for exploring the fracture properties of materials. Therein, the required statistical analyses are facilitated by an algorithm that reconstructs multiple realization of a material structure given a single example. The reconstructed structures are discretized with a regular non-conforming mesh with a diffuse interface and crack representation. Crack phase-field simulations are conducted in order to analyze the effective response. An in-depth introduction to the required methods is given together with a statistical evaluation of the conducted numerical experiments. It is concluded that the statistical variation of the effective material behavior overshadows morphological trends in the presented case. This confirms the relevance and utility of complementing simulation-based workflows with microstructure reconstruction and statistical analyses.


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JournalArchive of applied mechanics
Publication statusPublished - 2024

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