Single-molecule approaches reveal outer membrane protein biogenesis dynamics

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Outer membrane proteins (OMPs) maintain the viability of Gram-negative bacteria by functioning as receptors, transporters, ion channels, lipases, and porins. Folding and assembly of OMPs involves synchronized action of chaperones and multi-protein machineries which escort the highly hydrophobic polypeptides to their target outer membrane in a folding competent state. Previous studies have identified proteins and their involvement along the OMP biogenesis pathway. Yet, the mechanisms of action and the intriguing ability of all these molecular machines to work without the typical cellular energy source of ATP, but solely based on thermodynamic principles, are still not well understood. Here, we highlight how different single-molecule studies can shed additional light on the mechanisms and kinetics of OMP biogenesis.


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Early online date25 Oct 2022
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2022

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  • AFM, BAM, FCS, OMP biogenesis, SecYEG, Skp, SurA, dynamics, single-molecule FRET

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