Rezension „Digitalization Cases Vol. 2 – Mastering Digital Transformation for Global Business“

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This book presents a rich compilation of real-world cases on digitalization, aiming to share first-hand insights from renowned organizations and to make digitalization tangible. With all economic and societal sectors being challenged by emerging technologies, the digital economy is highly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. It confronts established organizations with substantial challenges and opportunities. Against this backdrop, this book reports on best practices and lessons learned from organizations that succeeded in tackling the challenges and seizing the opportunities of the digital economy. It illustrates how twenty organizations leveraged their capabilities to create disruptive innovation, to develop digital business models, and to digitally transform themselves. These cases stem from various industries (e.g. automotive, insurance, consulting, and public services) and countries, covering the many facets that digitalization may have. As all case descriptions follow a unified template, they are easily accessible for readers and provide insightful examples for practitioners as well as interesting cases for researchers, teachers, and students. Almost every organization is trying to figure out how best to respond to the opportunities and threats posed by digitalization. This book provides valuable lessons from those organizations that have already begun their digital transformation journey. Michael D. Myers, Professor of Information Systems, University of Auckland Digitalization Cases provides firsthand insights into the efforts of renowned companies. The presented actions, results, and lessons learned are a great inspiration for managers, students, and academics. This book gives real pointers on the how and where to start. Anna Kopp, Head of IT Germany, Microsoft The cases compiled in the second volume of Digitalization Cases show how disruption can actively be managed. Further, long-term insights from extended success stories of the first edition highlight that courage to change pays off well. This book represents a motivation for organizations to drive their digital transformation journeys actively. Markus Richter, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community and Federal Government Commissioner for Information Technology, Germany.


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