Reinforced Concrete Plates under Impact Load—Damage Quantification

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A large number of impact experiments have been carried out at the Technische Universität Dresden in recent years in several research projects. The focus was on reinforced concrete plates on the one hand and on subsequently strengthened reinforced concrete plates on the other hand. Based on these investigations, two fundamental tasks arose: (1) finding an objective description of the damage of components made of steel reinforced concrete that had previously been subjected to an impact load and (2) quantification of the effect of a subsequently applied strengthening layer. In this paper we will focus on both. At first, the experimental conditions and program as well as the used drop tower facility at the Otto Mohr Laboratory of the Technische Universität Dresden are briefly explained. In the summary presentation of the main test results, the focus is on the observed component damage. Based on the observations, an approach for a damage description is presented. To define global damage, the stiffness of the investigated structural components before and after the impact event is used. At the end of the paper, the potential of the method, but also gaps in knowledge and research needs are discussed.


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  • impact, reinforced concrete, strengthening, carbon concrete

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