Quality of life and metabolic outcomes after total pancreatectomy and simultaneous islet autotransplantation

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BACKGROUND: Pancreas surgery remains technically challenging and is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality. Identification of predictive risk factors for complications have led to a stratified surgical approach and postoperative management. The option of simultaneous islet autotransplantation (sIAT) allows for significant attenuation of long-term metabolic and overall complications and improvement of quality of life (QoL). The potential of sIAT to stratify a priori the indication for total pancreatectomy is yet not adequately evaluated.

METHODS: The aim of this analysis was to evaluate the potential of sIAT in patients undergoing total pancreatectomy to improve QoL, functional and overall outcome and therefore modify the surgical strategy towards earlier and extended indications. A center cohort of 24 patients undergoing pancreatectomy were simultaneously treated with IAT. Patients were retrospectively analyzed regarding in-hospital and overall mortality, postoperative complications, ICU stay, hospital stay, metabolic outcome, and QoL.

RESULTS: Here we present that all patients undergoing primary total pancreatectomy or surviving complicated two-stage pancreas resection and receiving sIAT show excellent metabolic outcome (33% insulin independence, 66% partial graft function; HbA1c 6,1 ± 1,0%) and significant benefit regarding QoL. Primary total pancreatectomy leads to significantly improved overall outcome and a significant reduction in ICU- and hospital stay compared to a two-stage completion pancreatectomy approach.

CONCLUSIONS: The findings emphasize the importance of risk-stratified pancreas surgery. Feasibility of sIAT should govern the indication for primary total pancreatectomy particularly in high-risk patients. In rescue completion pancreatectomy sIAT should be performed whenever possible due to tremendous metabolic benefit and associated QoL.


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JournalCommunications medicine
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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