"Product Sound Design" als eine kommunikationsakustische Aufgabe

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Sound design becomes more and more important for the product development. Sound waves are the information carrier. The meaning of the sounds for the people is accordingly high. In a fascinating way, acoustics builds a bridge between physics and perception. Sounds are generated mostly by vibrations. Sound and vibration events are physically coupled. Therefore the targeted design of the sounds starts with the physical description and design of vibrations. In this contribution, the product sound design is considered as communication acoustics task and various aspects are discussed using practical examples. In an investigation, it was shown that a quieter vehicle sound can also sound very sporty, if it is combined with a suitable seat vibration.

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Product sound design as a communication acoustical task


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JournalZeitschrift für Lärmbekämpfung
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2015

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