Patient Perception When Transitioning from Classic to Remote Assisted Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Cardiac rehabilitation is an individualized outpatient program of physical exercises and medical education designed to accelerate recovery and improve health status in heart disease patients. In this study, we aimed for assessment of patients’ perception of the involvement of technology and remote monitoring devices in cardiac recovery. During the Living Lab Phase of the Virtual Coaching Activities for Rehabilitation in Elderly (vCare) project, we evaluated eleven patients (five heart failure patients and six ischemic heart disease patients). Patient admission in the UMFCD cardiology clinical department served as a shared inclusion criterion for both study groups. In addition, the presence of II or III heart failure NYHA stage status was considered an inclusion criterion for the heart failure study group and patients diagnosed with ischemic heart disease for the second one. We conducted a system usability survey to assess the patients’ perception of the system’s technical and medical functions. The survey had excellent preliminary results in the heart failure study group and good results in the ischemic heart disease group. The limited access of patients to cardiac rehabilitation in Romania has led to increased interest and motivation in this study. The final version of the product is designed to adapt to patient needs and necessities; therefore, patient perception is necessary.


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