Optimized energy saving rehabilitation of a baroque building monument

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With the rehabilitation of the baroque building Hand-werk 15 in Gorlitz the authors achieved the energy efficiency class A+ under observance of all conditions from preservation of historic buildings and monuments, taking into account the environmental issues as well as durability and safety of the constructions in the house. The rehabilitation includes the internal thermal insulation of the historically valuable facade on the street side, the thermal insulation of the facade on the backyard side, the use of solar energy for hot water and for the support of heating especially in summer for heating the ground floor, a ventilation system with heat exchanger the use of gray water generated from domestic processes such as laundry and bathing, and an underfloor heating for the ground floor with waste water as medium. The measurement results will be verified with numerical simulations (temperature, air moisture transport in porous materials) of the separate building constructions and the technical components. The physical influence of the high building mass is quantified. The effects of the HVAC system on the historical building construction like for instance the timber beam floor will be investigated. Based on experiences about avoiding condensate and hoarfrost on inclined insulated glass together with a glass producing firm a new insulate glass with a special coating was developed.


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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2007


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