Novel concepts to construct cost effective geothermal wells with Electro Pulse Power Technology

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Within the scope of the DEEPLIGHT-Project (Joint Call 2021 – Geothermica & JPP Smart Energy Systems) new technologies from different fields of research are brought together to a novel holistic approach for geothermal deep drillings based on the Electro Pulse Power Technology. This new concept overcomes common problems, which lead to high upfront investments of geothermal wells created by conventional drilling technologies. By facilitating the accessibility of geothermal reservoirs this new concept of deep drilling is promising from an economic, environmental and technological perspective.
The core of DEEPLIGHT is the further development of a drill bit based on Electro Pulse Power Technology, with which hard rock can be drilled under extreme surrounding conditions regarding typical pressures and temperatures at great depths. The mechanical wear on this drill bit is negligible, as the removal of rock is achieved by applying high voltage pulses with amplitudes up to several hundreds of kilo volts within less than one hundred nano seconds on the working electrodes. This process does not require torque. Also, an advanced casing while drilling concept is being developed. By means of that, additional advantages like a superior efficiency in terms of costs and time, a better removal of cuttings and higher stability of the well are achieved. Furthermore, a concept to guarantee the wellbore integrity is worked out.
The described technologies are being developed by ten closely connected partners from five different countries and merged to a superior deep drilling technology.


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 12 Sept 2023


TitleCelle Drilling 2023
Duration12 - 13 September 2023
LocationCongress Union Celle



  • Tiefengeothermie, Electro Pulse Power Technology