Nodeless superconductivity in the SnAs-based van der Waals-type superconductor NaSn₂As₂

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  • E. J. Cheng - (Author)
  • J. M. Ni - (Author)
  • F. Q. Meng - (Author)
  • T. P. Ying - (Author)
  • B. L. Pan - (Author)
  • Darren C. Peets - , Fudan University (Author)


We grew the single crystals of the SnAs-based van der Waals (vdW)-type superconductor NaSn₂As₂ and systematically measured its resistivity, specific heat, and ultralow-temperature thermal conductivity. The superconducting transition temperature T = 1.60 K of our single crystal is 0.3 K higher than that previously reported. A weak but intrinsic anomaly situated at 193 K is observed in both resistivity and specific heat, which likely arises from a charge-density-wave (CDW) instability. Ultralow-temperature thermal conductivity measurements reveal a fully gapped superconducting state with a negligible residual linear term in zero magnetic field, and the field dependence of κ₀/T further suggests NaSn₂As₂ is an s-wave superconductor.


Original languageEnglish
Article number47004
JournalEurophysics Letters
Publication statusPublished - 18 Sept 2018
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