Hinged Adaptive Fiber-Rubber Composites Driven by Shape Memory Alloys—Development and Simulation

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Adaptive structures based on fiber-rubber composites with integrated Shape Memory Alloys are promising candidates for active deformation tasks in the fields of soft robotics and human-machine interactions. Solid-body hinges improve the deformation behavior of such composite struc-tures. Textile technology enables the user to develop reinforcement fabrics with tailored properties suited for hinged actuation mechanisms. In this work, flat knitting technology is used to create bi-axially reinforced, multilayer knitted fabrics with hinge areas and integrated Shape Memory Alloy wires. The hinge areas are achieved by dividing the structures into sections and varying the config-uration and number of reinforcement fibers from section to section. The fabrics are then infused with silicone, producing a fiber-rubber composite specimen. An existing simulation model is enhanced to account for the hinges present within the specimen. The active deformation behavior of the resulting structures is then tested experimentally, showing large deformations of the hinged specimens. Finally, the simulation results are compared to the experimental results, showing deformations deviating from the experiments due to the developmental stage of the specimens. Future work will benefit from the findings by improving the deformation behavior of the specimens and enabling further development for first applications.


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Publication statusPublished - 27 May 2022

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  • Shape Memory Alloy, fiber-rubber composite, hinge, simulation, shape memory alloy