Herb-Drug Interaction in Inflammatory Diseases: Review of Phytomedicine and Herbal Supplements

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Many people worldwide use plant preparations for medicinal purposes. Even in industrialized regions, such as Europe, where conventional therapies are accessible for the majority of patients, there is a growing interest in and usage of phytomedicine. Plant preparations are not only used as alternative treatment, but also combined with conventional drugs. These combinations deserve careful contemplation, as the complex mixtures of bioactive substances in plants show a potential for interactions. Induction of CYP enzymes and pGP by St John's wort may be the most famous example, but there is much more to consider. In this review, we shed light on what is known about the interactions between botanicals and drugs, in order to make practitioners aware of potential drug-related problems. The main focus of the article is the treatment of inflammatory diseases, accompanied by plant preparations used in Europe. Several of the drugs we discuss here, as basal medication in chronic inflammatory diseases (e.g., methotrexate, janus kinase inhibitors), are also used as oral tumor therapeutics.


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JournalJournal of clinical medicine
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