Heat and Mass Transfer to Particles in One-Dimensional Oscillating Flows

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The heat and mass transfer to solid particles in one-dimensional oscillating flows are investigated in this work. A meta-correlation for the calculation of the Nusselt number (Sherwood number) is derived by comparing 33 correlations and data point sets from experiments and simulations. These models are all unified by their dependencies on the amplitude parameter (Formula presented.) and the Reynolds number (Formula presented.), while the (Formula presented.) - (Formula presented.) plane is applied as a framework in order to graphically display the various models. This is the first study to consider this problem in the entire (Formula presented.) - (Formula presented.) plane quantitatively while taking preexisting asymptotic models for various areas of the (Formula presented.) - (Formula presented.) plane into account.


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  • correlation, heat transfer, mass transfer, meta, one-dimensional, oscillating flow, particles, spheres, ϵ-Re plane, Meta, Correlation, One-dimensional, Spheres, Mass transfer, Particles, Oscillating flow, epsilon-Re plane, Heat transfer

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