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There is an ever-increasing population and therefore an increased demand for infrastructure, living space, energy, and reduction of CO2 emission worldwide. The development of a system for the construction industry that meets such requirements is the goal of an on-going effort to develop a prefabricated modular system consisting of active facade elements for energy harvesting (thermal and electrical) and smart wall elements for energy distribution and storage that are suitable for mass-customization or mass-production fabrication. The feasibility of the modular elements was demonstrated by integrating it into the architectural design of a proposed new two-story building, and a proposed building retrofit, both in Dresden, Germany. The exterior panels are comprised of textile reinforced concrete (TRC) elements with integrated photovoltaic (PV) and capillary system. An adaptive smart modular envelope was envisioned by activation of a diversity mode in which the overall integrated capillary system can be divided into branches that are activated independently in a flexible manner. Such a division can be determined based on the shape of the facade shell using a parametrical, generative approach. A form-finding optimization approach was used to optimize the carbon reinforced concrete elements for energy harvesting considering the panel's orientation (in regards to the solar radiation), the latitude, and seasonal changes. Several planning tools were connected to provide a design with parametrical properties and to interact with a FORTRAN based program for the energy optimization of the carbon concrete panel and 3D rendering applications.


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Publication statusPublished - 2019


Title5th fib Congress, FIB 2018
Duration7 - 11 October 2018


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    • Capillary system, Carbon concrete composite, Optimization, Photovoltaics