Experimental Investigation of Beams Reinforced with Carbon 2D-Netzgitterträger Reinforcement

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The increasing popularity of carbon-reinforced concrete (CRC) is attributed to its exceptional tensile properties, low density, no corrosion phenomenon, and remarkable flexibility, allowing it to be easily shaped into various forms. However, there is a pressing need to explore this innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional steel reinforcement. This motivates research and investigation of the feasibility of using a special 2D Netzgitterträger (NetzGT) reinforcement system, featuring a net-shaped fabricated textile made of multiple diagonally offset rovings with overlapping edge strands, as a viable alternative to traditional steel reinforcement in concrete beams. This 2D NetzGT reinforcement system has also been transformed into a 3D configuration for the development of a hollow core slab system. It is manufactured from carbon rovings with three different diagonal angles of 50°, 60°, and 70°. Laboratory experiments were conducted to assess the mechanical behavior of beams reinforced with the 2D NetzGT reinforcement. Tensile tests on strands were also performed with an increasing number of overlapped rovings to analyze their tensile strength. Additionally, single yarn pull-out tests were also conducted to examine the influence of the roving angle on the bond strength between the carbon textile roving and the concrete matrix.


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Journal Buildings : open access journal
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Publication statusPublished - 9 Oct 2023

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  • 2D Netzgitterträger, NetzGT reinforcement, carbon textile reinforcement, non-metallic reinforcement