Evaluation von rechtsmedizinischen Lehrsektionen für Fachhochschulen der Polizei in Sachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt

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Background and research question: In Germany autopsy demonstrations and dissections for didactic purposes are also performed for police colleges; however, a critical discussion of the didactic concept has so far been missing. By evaluating the autopsy demonstrations for police colleges at various departments of forensic medicine, the aim was to examine whether different teaching concepts lead to differences in perception and evaluation among participants. Material and methods: A total of 328 evaluations from 37 autopsy demonstrations for police colleges that occurred between 2017 and 2021 were included. In Halle (Saale)/Magdeburg and Leipzig, a brief introduction was given and the teaching unit was mainly conducted in large groups. In Dresden, the introduction was more detailed and the autopsy demonstration was exclusively conducted in small groups. The evaluation included general information and prior experiences as well as questions about participation motivation, preparation and implementation of the autopsy demonstrations. Cases of termination of autopsy demonstrations and the reasons thereof were also recorded. Results: The autopsy demonstrations were mostly obligatory for the participants and one third of the students were female. The age group of participants 20–29 years old dominated. Over two thirds of the participants were satisfied with the introduction before the autopsy, with even higher approval rates in Dresden and when conducted in small groups. The students’ positive expectations were mostly fulfilled, especially when the autopsy demonstrations were conducted in small groups. Of the participants 92.7% regarded autopsies as necessary medical measures and a useful tool in the investigative process, 6.7% of the participants dropped out prematurely of autopsy demonstrations due to health problems and exposure to unpleasant odors. Discussion: The evaluation of autopsy demonstrations for police colleges showed positive effects of a detailed introduction and conducting the units in small groups. Regular evaluation of autopsy demonstrations can help identify the specific needs of the participants and modify the teaching units accordingly.

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Evaluation of teaching autopsies in forensic medicine for police colleges in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt


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