Effects of speed and road condition on annoyance caused by motorcycle noise emission

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For many years, great effort has been devoted to the study of motorcycle noise emission. Considering the high levels of noise pollution and annoyance caused by motorcycles, it is necessary to evaluate the contribution of their noise emission to the overall traffic noise. Furthermore, this emission must be included in traffic noise studies and noise maps. This paper aims to investigate the effects of speed and road condition on annoyance caused by motorcycle noise emission. For this purpose, noise measurements were carried out for various engine speeds and road conditions. These stimuli were used later in a perceptual experiment to identify the effect of each parameter on the resulting annoyance. In the perceptual experiment, noise recordings were replayed for participants who then rated their annoyance for each stimulus. Finally, based on the outcome of the perceptual experiment, a conclusion is drawn to clarify how annoyance and noise emission alter in response to the changes in speed and road condition. The results suggest that increasing the engine speed leads to higher annoyance response. Moreover, the outcome indicates that the emitted noise from cobblestone pavements causes higher annoyance than the noise generated from asphalt pavements.


Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5748-5753
JournalINTER-NOISE and NOISE-CON Congress and Conference Proceedings
Publication statusPublished - 2021


Title50th International Congress and Exposition of Noise Control Engineering, INTER-NOISE 2021
Duration1 - 5 August 2021
CountryUnited States of America

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