Dynamisches Verhalten von Stahlbetonplatten: Sprengversuch – experimenteller Teil

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There was only a single chance, within the scope of a small cooperation with the German Armed Forces, to follow the interest of science in the blasting of concrete structures. In addition to many drop tower tests which has proceeded at the Otto Mohr Laboratory in Dresden, we used the opportunity of a field test with explosive under the same experimental conditions as in the laboratory. For this purpose, the entire bearing equipment was transported to the training area and instrumented in a similar manner. The operation of the otherwise self-sufficient measuring system took place from a protected bunker from about 300 m distance which represented an additional challenge. We recorded bearing forces, accelerations, displacements and made high-speed recordings. A load of 0.75 kg PETN with a TNT equivalent of 1 kg and 50 mm distance were applied. The following sections describe the procedure in detail. In consciousness to enter new territory with this type of blast load, errors, which we had made, are openly named and the methodology critically questioned. In a following article, the numerical consideration of the experiment described here will be considered.
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Dynamic behavior of reinforced slabs
Blast testing


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  • Detonation, reinforced concrete, blast testing, impact testing