Diagnose und Differenzierung von kutanen Zysten mit optischer Kohärenztomographie: eine Fallserie

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Cutaneous cystic lesions (n = 35) were examined with optical coherence tomography. Cysts were visible as a hyporeflective roundish area with a clear margin; in some cases, the epidermis was thinned. Epidermal cysts, trichilemmal cysts, and hidrocystomas had a linear margin representing the epithelium of the cyst, whereas mucoid pseudocysts showed no linear margin. Trichilemmal and epidermal cysts presented with hyperreflective content that corresponds to keratin. By visualizing the margin and the content of the cyst, it was possible to differentiate between different types of cysts.

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Optical coherence tomography for the diagnosis and differentiation of cutaneous cysts
a case series


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Publication statusPublished - 18 Dec 2023

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  • Epidermal cyst, Hidrocystoma, Mucoid pseudocyst, Optical coherence tomography, Trichilemmal cyst