DASH: Data Structures and Algorithms with Support for Hierarchical Locality

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DASH is a realization of the PGAS (partitioned global address space) model in the form of a C++ template library. Operator overloading is used to provide global-view PGAS semantics without the need for a custom PGAS (pre-) compiler. The DASH library is implemented on top of our runtime system DART, which provides an abstraction layer on top of existing one-sided communication substrates. DART contains methods to allocate memory in the global address space as well as collective and one-sided communication primitives. To support the development of applications that exploit a hierarchical organization, either on the algorithmic or on the hardware level, DASH features the notion of teams that are arranged in a hierarchy. Based on a team hierarchy, the DASH data structures support locality iterators as a generalization of the conventional local/global distinction found in many PGAS approaches.


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  • High Performance Computing, Template Library, Distribute Memory Machine, Data Container, Global Address Space

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