Correction: C/EBPβ-Dependent Epigenetic Memory Induces Trained Immunity in Hematopoietic Stem Cells

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(Cell Stem Cell 26, 657–674; May 7, 2020) In the originally published version of this article, the legend for Figure S4 appeared incorrectly as a duplicate of the legend for Figure S5. The legend was inadvertently changed by the copyeditor during the production process. The correct legend for Figure S4 appears below. The production team at Cell Press regret this error. Figure S4 related to Figure 3. Immune epigenetic memory occurs in LT-HSC during early LPS response (A) Numbers of gained and lost OCR in LT-HSC at 1 day (1d) and 4 weeks (4w) after LPS injection. (B–D) Venn diagrams showing the overlap of gained OCR (B) or genes associated to gained OCR (D) at 1 day and at 4 weeks after LPS in LT-HSC. (C) Examples of ATAC-seq IGV tracks of untreated LT-HSC, 1 day (LPS 1d) or 4 weeks after LPS (LPS 4w) for genes associated to gained OCR only at 1 day (OCR not linked to memory) or at 1 day and 4 weeks (OCR linked to memory).


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