Cisplatin - A more Efficient Drug in Combination with Radionuclides?

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AIM: The combination of conventional chemotherapeutic drugs with radionuclides or external radiation is discussed for a long period of time. The major advantage of a successful combination therapy is the reduction of severe side effects by decreasing the needed dose and simultaneously increasing therapeutic efficiency.

METHODS: In this study, pUC19 plasmid DNA was incubated with the cytostatic drug cisplatin and additionally irradiated with 99mTc, 188Re and 223Ra. To verify the contribution of possibly excited platinum atoms to the emission of Auger electrons we determined DNA damages, such as single- and double strand breaks.

RESULTS: The threshold concentration value of cisplatin, which was tolerated by pUC19 plasmid DNA was determined to be 18-24 nM. Nevertheless, even at higher dose values (>100 Gy) and simultaneous incubation of cisplatin to 200 ng plasmid DNA, no significant increase in the number of induced single- and double-strand breaks was obtained, compared to the damage solely caused by the radionuclides.

CONCLUSION: We thereby conclude that there is no direct dependence of the mechanism of strand break induction to the absence or presence of platinum atoms attached to the DNA. Reported increasing DNA damages in therapy approaches on a cellular level strongly depend on the study design and are mainly influenced by repair mechanisms in living cells. Nevertheless, the use of radioactive cisplatin, containing the Auger electron emitter 191Pt, 193mPt or 195mPt, is a bright prospect for future therapy by killing tumor cells combining two operating principles: a cytostatic drug and a radiopharmaceutical at the same time.


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