Chromosome dynamics: the SMC protein family

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Recent evidence suggests that members of the structural maintenance of chromosomes (SMC) protein family are involved in a much broader spectrum of chromosome and DNA metabolic reactions than was originally thought. Other than their role in chromosome condensation, SMC proteins are essential for sister chromatid cohesion and gene dosage compensation, and are involved in DNA recombination. This diversity of function is achieved both through the formation of different heterodimers and through their participation in higher-order protein complexes adapted to achieve specific ends.


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JournalCurrent opinion in genetics & development : reviews of all advances ; evaluation of key references ; comprehensive listing of papers
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 1998

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  • Animals, Carrier Proteins/metabolism, Cell Cycle Proteins, Chromatin, DNA Repair, Mitosis, Nuclear Proteins/metabolism, Recombination, Genetic, Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteins